Animal Communication Classes and Events

Animal Communication Class

Basic Animal Communication Workshop

Learn How to Send and Receive Telepathic Communication

Feel a deeper connection by listening to what your animal

companions have to say

Welcome to the Basic Animal Communication Workshop. Be prepared to learn about your own telepathic communication ability, how to establish a telepathic connection with your animal companions and other animals, and most of all, how to have fun with this natural, normal process.

This one day workshop will cover basic telepathic awareness, techniques and exercises. The morning exercises will focus on you, helping you recognize your unique way of getting information. The afternoon will consist of telepathic experiences and exercises working with the animals and animal pictures that you bring, of both current animals and ones who have crossed over.

April 11, 2015 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
, MN

Call 763-444-8146 to register

Using Essential Oils With Animals Workshop with Animal Communication

See Animal Wellness Class

This class combines learning about using Young Living essential oils with animals with basic animal communication skills. You will use your natural intuitive ability to develop your animal communication skills and then expand this sense to work with the essential oils to address physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Demonstrations will illustrate how and where oils are applied for maximum benefit. For additional information call 763-444-8146.

Animal Communication Advanced Telepathy Workshop

Enhance Your Telepathic Communication Ability

Welcome to the Animal Communication Advanced I Workshop. Prepare to relax, connect and deepen your skill and experience in communicating with animals. We will focus on your challenges, strengths, aspirations and inspirations.

The workshop will be spread out over 2 days. Saturday will cover where you are with communication experiences and problems. Your questions and diffculties will be individually addressed. Sunday will consist of more telepathic exercises resulting in increased awareness, understanding, spiritual growth, communication capacity and connection with all of life.

The cost of this clas is $250. Space for this class is limited and must be reserved with a non-refundable registration payment of $50.00. Balance is due at the time of the class. For additional information call 763-444-8146.

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Isanti, MN 

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Want to Repeat a Workshop?

Often when I have repeated a course or workshop, even though the material or presentation was essentially the same, I have received new insights and achieved new breakthroughs in my spiritual growth.  Since I was in a different starting place, my growth took new and sometimes surprising paths.  I would like to offer a similar experience to you.

Repeat any animal communication or shamanic workshop for half price.  Just register as usual and let me know that this is a repeat.  Advance registration rules apply.

Thanks and I am looking forward to working with you again.